Combining a bit of RPG, Pinball and Dices to provide a different type of game, this is pinrogue, submitted for GameJam GMTK 2022 completed in a couple of hours. This is my first official game ever created! Please provide some feedback if you like it.

  • Use arrow keys for flipers.
  • Space to launch ball

Main Goal - Just kill all the orcs at the pinball table, you can level up using the bumpers and gain some bonus using the button!

Good luck!

Team and assets

The entire game has been created only by jos3k4 

- Art, some created by myself - Partially used from 0x72

- Sounds are obtained from sites with free license.

Made withGodot
TagsGame Maker's Toolkit Jam, Godot
Average sessionA few seconds


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Very good idea, its difficult to kill all monsters, you need to be smarter with flippers.